Business travel creates unique challenges because distance removes us from the people and community that help keep us connected and centered at home.  The Road Warriors™ Mission is to provide a mobile tool-set of great content for Road Warriors that fosters well-being and spiritual growth while away. The Road Warriors™ mantra is Return Stronger™.   

Our ultimate Vision is to take Road Warriors™ to the next level and provide tools that enable travelers to tap in to gatherings around the globe, AKA, Road Warriors™ 2.0. We anticipate connecting travelers with three types of gathering opportunities: first, events searchable by geographic location that are already occurring at churches and other organizations everywhere, cataloged and calendared in our app and on our website; second, self-initiated social gatherings with other Road Warriors like sporting events and culinary experiences; and third, charitable/mission events while away. Hit it hard, refresh along the way, and Return Stronger™

We are raising the funds necessary to build out the web and native apps for mobile devices, and to fund the outreach necessary to get thousands of churches and organizations on board – an organization built by and for Road Warriors™.


Daily Spiritual Growth Plans – A series of daily devotional plans that prioritizes and addresses key challenges Road Warriors face and presents practical biblical solutions

MP4 Wisdom – Lever into this high-octane bank of sermons and presentations by great expositors and speakers on spiritual and growth topics such as work-life balance, marriage, parenting, finances, contentment, and more

Blog – Trade thoughts with other Road Warriors on topics like staying spiritually on track while away


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