Spiritually Home On The Road

A Bible Based Toolset For Road Warriors

The Challenge

We live in a fast-paced world where innovation has enabled the unimagined.  The incessant drumbeat of information, activity, and opportunity can be deafening.  Travelers face an amplified version of this cadence while away and do so in a void of the family and community that under-gird them at home.  The road provides a fertile birthplace for spiritual and personal challenges.

The answer rests on thoughtful integration of God and his word into travelers’ lives while away.  The Bible contains clear solutions.  In fact, God’s prescription can enable Road Warriors to defy paradigms and statistics and Return Stronger. It’s an audacious assertion that is entirely possible to achieve, but most Road Warriors don’t know where to begin.

A Viable Solution

The Spiritually Home On The Road tool-set systematically prioritizes and addresses the key challenges road warriors face and presents practical Biblical solutions: 

  1. Roadmap – A practical, methodical, and repeatable road-map to integrating God’s presence and Biblical truth into a Road Warrior’s life while away, laying a foundation of spiritual strength to face a tough world and Return Stronger
  2. Missional – A toolbox to make the road a place of outreach to strengthen the spiritual lives of others, thereby helping Road Warriors keep their eyes on God while away and strengthen the global church
  3. Present – Steps to remaining present and active in your spouse and childrens’ lives while away, enriching a road warrior’s marriage and family life from a distance
  4. Devotion – A plan to integrate scripture while away to help establish an awareness of the presence of God, and provide biblical mechanisms to fill vulnerable time
  5. Stress – A biblical approach to managing and reducing the chronic stress unique to those who travel regularly, reducing the likelihood of seeking unhealthy methods of taming this common affliction
  6. Community – Establishing healthy Christ-based community while away

Return Stronger – The goal for this series is to provide tools that help enable the millions who travel regularly to return home stronger vessels for God, family, church, and the community.   It is about changing lives and strengthening the global church.